What Is Androgenic Alopecia And What Are The Solutions?

  • Androgenic alopecia is a type of hair loss which can affect both males and females. Usually referred to as male or female pattern baldness, itgenerates hair loss in a particular pattern which starts at the temples.
  • In males, this pattern begins with a decreasing hairline and baldness at the crown of the head, whereas women will normally encounter the thinning of hair over the whole of the head.
  • We have all seen the male type, but seldom the female type.
  • Hair loss known as androgenic alopecia can cause total baldness, even though hair on the back and sides of the head may remain.
  • Females with such a condition never really lose all of their hair, and women’s hair loss happens at a slower pace.

In the Genes and Other Causes

  • High levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the scalp is normal for those with androgenic alopecia and hair loss happens to men due to the DHT adhering to androgen receptors on hair follicles, which then prohibit the normal growth cycle.
  • This genetic predisposition makes hair folliclesshrink when connecting with the hormone, which then shortens the follicle life span.
  • Other reasons for androgenic alopecia can include both heredity and surrounding factorswhich may start or boost the rate of hair loss for women.


Surgery– The hair transplant process may be stressful and involves extracting hair follicles from the back of the head, usually at the area of the neckline, and transplanting it into areas of baldness. The hair will then grow where it was transferred to.

Anothermore extreme surgical solution is known as a “scalp reduction” and this involves removing the balding areas and then stretching and stitching together the remaining scalp.

Non-Surgical – Non-surgical hair loss options conventionally include the use of wigs, hairpieces and weaves. The two main kinds are natural and synthetic hair and are well known to most people.

Recent Development – The great news is that right now there isa new hair integration and volumising system solution that utilises your very own hair to safely fit an ultra-light, non-allergic mesh material onto the wearer’s scalp. Those who have tried out used this solution report that they were hardly aware of wearing it after a few days, and after an even longer period forgot that it’s artificial! This solution is definitely the new choice of many and is clearly the future of female hair thinning treatment solutions.


There are shampoos out there which claim to do wonders and are supposed to stimulate the scalp in the hope that new hair will grow back. And, although this may seem like a simple to do method, it hasn’t been known to show any results for most users.

So, whatever solution you decide upon, may your hair concerns be a something of the past and your hair look just like you’ve always known it could!