What Are The Benefits Of Cosmetic Dentistry?

We are bombarded with perfect smiles every single day, in films and on the television, and those shining perfect white smiles can leave those of us who have teeth that are perhaps less than perfect feeling a little self-conscious of our own smiles.

Perhaps you feel that your smile lets you down so you don’t smile as much, or when you do you cover your mouth with your hand to disguise it. If you are one of that group of people who holds back a smile because of crooked, stained or even missing teeth then there are plenty of options available to you that could help really put that smile back where it belongs.

Here are just a few ways Cosmetic Dentistry can help:

Improve Your Looks

We all do things that improve our looks on a regular basis, whether you get a hair-cut, buy new clothes, or get a makeover, and that doesn’t take into account the things we do daily to make sure we look our best. Advances in cosmetic dentistry have bought a great range of solutions to the table that can help to improve the look of your teeth and ultimately your smile. These treatments are easy to access meaning people who are distressed by the way their teeth look no longer need to hide their smiles.

Stained Teeth

If your teeth are stained, whether through smoking or eating the sort of foods that can lead to staining, then teeth whitening is a very easy solution to this issue. A good dentist will check the overall health of your teeth and gums before you embark on a tooth whitening program, this is to make sure there are no underlying dental issues. An impression of your teeth is then made which is used with whitening gel, and you can even do this at home so the whole process is very simple.

Veneers are also another very effective way to improve the look of stained teeth, and can be used to deal with chipped or misaligned teeth as well.

Other treatments

Perhaps the issue isn’t stained teeth but dark fillings that embarrass you when you open your mouth. You can also have cosmetic dentistry carried out on those as well. Thanks to significant advances in the materials that dentists have used over the past 5-10 years, white fillings which were previously used for front teeth, are now just as good if not better than the more traditional silver amalgam fillings that were previously used. White fillings look more natural and they also bond very well to the tooth meaning that less of the tooth needs to be removed to hold them in place. What this means for people with a lot of silver amalgam fillings is of course that they can completely alter the way all of their fillings look, giving them much more confidence when they do smile.

The Benefits

If you are confident in your teeth then you will smile more. You are also likely to have a more confident appearance in public which can not only help to improve your social life but also your professional life as well. Potential employers are far more likely to choose candidates who appear confident at interviews. People who feel more confident in the way they look smile more, stand taller, which is great for the posture, and therefore overall health.

Teeth whitening, veneers and white fillings are just a few of the treatment options that are covered by specialists in Cosmetic Dentistry in London, so, if your smile is making you sad then cosmetic dentistry is certainly something you should consider in order to lose that frown and replace it with a smile you can be proud of.