How To Deal With Foot Cramps

You may suffer from foot cramps suddenly. This condition will cause a sharp and intense pain to the muscles of your feet. The fact is that your feet have to carry around your body weight for a day long, sometimes standing, moving, walking, or even in shoes that are not suitable for your feet. In order to prevent you from the immediate pain, you need to treat quickly the scraps. You can easily get rid of this problem with simple remedies and lifestyle changes. This post is a guide to help you know how to deal with foot cramps.

Getting Immediate Relief

Stop your activity. If you have foot cramps when exercising or performing some activity, you need to stop doing them because they may be the reason causing the cramps. It’s important to avoid doing activities causing added strain on your feet. They can lead to the pain and cramping. 

Stretch the cramped muscle. You may get spasms of a muscle because of sudden and unexpected muscle cramps. That’s why you need to stretch your feet in order to stop the foot or toe cramps quickly. 

Put weight on the cramping foot. This way also helps to stretch muscles, ligaments, as well as tendons that cause the cramping in your arch or your toe area. 

Walk around. It’s great to walk around when your pain starts to reduce. Also, you need to walk or stand around at least 3 minutes or more in order to relax the pain area. If you need an additional relief, you should think about adding a stretch for your calf muscles. You can do this even when the initial pain is managed because it ‘s useful to stretch your calf muscles. 

Massage your foot. Besides of stretching your foot or toes, you should also gently remove your shoes and socks. Then,  massage the area. Remember to keep them in the stretched position while you are massaging. After locating the cramping hardened muscle, use your thumbs to give the hardened area a massage. Also, it’s essential to maintain the massage until the muscle begins to relax. 

Apply heat. This will help tightened muscles when they are currently cramping. In order to reduce the tension in the muscle, use a heating pad or crushable hot pack. Then, apply ice to relieve sore and tender muscle after the cramp subsides. 

Apply ice. If you want to recover from overuse, improper-fitting footwear, or an injury, you need to ice your foot regularly for several days. It’s great to do this for 15 to 20 minutes several times each day. 

Rest your foot. There are many reasons that cause foot pain and foot cramps like several variables including an injury or overuse. constant standing or walking,  wearing work shoes or boots also may be the reasons that cause the cramp on your feet. Moreover, you also need to see your doctor if you face to a specific injury. 

Preventing Future Cramps 

Exercise regularly. This helps to keep your muscles in good condition. If you want to help condition the muscle,  ligaments, and tendons in your feet to reduce your experience with cramps, you should increase your intensity of aerobic exercises. Swimming is one of the best aerobic exercises that help to treat problems with foot pain and cramp. You even need to maintain your workout routines if you already exercise regularly. 

Wear shoes that are supportive. Remember to choose shoes that fit your feet well around. These shoes also have to have shanks and solid heel counters, as well as good support. 

Replace shoes with worn soles. Discarding shoes with worn soles purpose to protect your feet from heel pain as well as plantar fasciitis. It’s important to discard old shoes. Then, replace with a new pair that has good support. Moreover, avoid wearing high-heeled shoes because they may cause repeated foot and toe cramps. 

Keep your feet and toes flexible. You can prevent foot and toe cramps by performing flexibility exercises. 

Walk barefoot in the sand. Don’t walk barefoot if you suffer from some foot conditions. Instead, you can walk barefoot in the sand to strengthen your toes as well as all the small intrinsic muscles of the foot and ankles. Plus, give your feet a massage.

Stay hydrated. One of the most common reasons causing cramps in your foot and toes is dehydration. So, it’s necessary to drink enough water during a long day both before and after you exercise. Don’t forget to prepare a glass of water at your bedside because cramps may occur during the night. 

Eat a balanced diet. You need a good diet for nutrition to give your body and your muscles what they need in order to reduce problems like cramping. You should add calcium, potassium, and magnesium for your muscles. They can be found in bananas, fresh vegetables, nuts, dairy products, and beans. 

Seeking Medical Attention 

Seek immediate attention if necessary. See a doctor right now if your pain and swelling are developing. 

Pay attention to any related symptoms.  If there are any changes in the immediate area, you should make an appointment to examine your feet. Watch for symptoms such as swelling, numbness, a burning sensation, tenderness to the touch, redness, or tingling. If you see these symptoms develop, you need to visit your doctor.

Consider an underlying medical condition. In order to know possible medical causes of your foot cramps, you need to work with your doctor. 


In conclusion, you may have to suffer from foot cramps. They are often associated with exercise. You may also be a victim of this foot condition. There are many reasons that lead to it such as fatigue, hormonal factors, and illness, reduced levels of certain chemicals. Also, there are many things that can help to reduce the pain of foot cramps. Consult our tips today to make your treatment process easier.