How Does Fluid Silicone Injection Help In Foot Infections?

There are several people that suffer from a foot infection. It is here that they need the expert advice of specialist doctors that help them in its cure and treatment. In the USA, there is one such specialist doctor that helps his patients get a permanent cure when it comes to foot infections and its treatment.

Meet a doctor that cares and treats you with compassion

When it comes to the cure and treatment of foot infections and other issues, there is one surgeon that invokes trust and confidence in the USA. The name of this doctor is Dr. Steve Silvers. He is a compassionate and caring doctor with over 25 years of valuable experience in the field of treating people with foot infections. He also deals in diabetic foot surgery. He is from California but he was raised in Los Angeles. He graduated from The California College of Podiatric Medicine. He is also a Diplomat with The American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery.

What are fluid silicone injections?

He says that in some foot infections the treatment of fluid silicon injection may be used. This is a treatment that is given to people that suffer from foot conditions that are painful in nature. The injection will combine with the fatty tissue that is present in the foot and induce collagen formation. Collagen is the primary supportive fibers of the skin and other tissues. The fluid is covered by the cells and later changes into many droplets that stay at or near the region where the silicon fluid is given. The treatment gives the feet a soft tissue that looks and feels like a cushion.

Is the treatment painful or not?

Dr. Silvers says that many patients come to him to ask whether the injections are painful or not. He says that this treatment needs a local anesthetic that needs to be injected into the region before the silicon injection is given. This means there is no discomfort for the patient that takes the injection. Now, when it comes to this injection, patients ask them how many do they need for treatment. He says that the number of treatments needed will depend upon the extent of the infection however generally they need around 2 to 5 injections for most conditions. The patient will receive one injection once in 1 to 2 weeks. The total amount of fluid injection given is about 0.5 cc to 1.5  cc and it depends upon the region that is being treated.

Credible surgeon you can trust…

When it comes to foot infection and surgery, he is one of the most credible and trusted surgeons in the USA. He says that before every procedure, he generally counsels his patients so that they are aware of what the procedure entails and how they can effectively be treated from painful infections and other issues.

Now, the next question that arises is can this silicone be removed once it is injected? Dr. Steve Silvers says that the silicone can be removed once it is injected inside the foot. So, it is safe and has no side effects he says.