General Medical Examination: A Preventive Tool

The general medical examination is a common form of preventive medicine involving visits to a general practitioner by healthy adults on a regular basis. This is generally yearly or less frequently. This medical checkup doesn’t necessarily involve something diagnostic but it involves medical history, physical examination and some laboratory tests. Some advanced tests may include ultrasound and mammography.

Full body checkup is generally recommended by the physician for his patients who have a medical history like breast cancer history or leukemic history. Such people are prone to getting several health ailments thus they are called for medical health checkups on a regular basis.

Benefits of such Health checkups are as follows:

  • Give a clear cut information regarding the health of an individual
  • Provide a baseline data for further assessment
  • Create general awareness regarding health
  • Update people of recent advances in medical setup which are for their betterment only
  • Provide a diagnostic tool for the health care professionals
  • Guarantee sure shot prevention if a disease is diagnosed at an early stage
  • Prevention regarding various diseases which can be fatal

health checkup packages cost varies differently in different states. But on an average it ranges from 2000-5000 per person. Based on what procedures and tests a person focuses on , this cost varies. Thus it is an important information regarding the health care system about which people need to be aware and updated.

For women over the age of 18 years, regular Health checkups are mandatory. Mostly it is recommended when a female is sexually active as there are various diseases that are associated with the onset of the sexual phase. Hence a female has more risk of getting any infection or health ailment so it is important for her to be diagnosed on a regular basis. These kind of checkups are generally referred to as master health checkups

If we now consider what possible kind of tests and examinations may be required, this will very much depend on both, age, sex and any pre existing conditions. Other than the checks previously mentioned, many doctors recommend you should at least have your blood pressure checked annually and your cholesterol every other year. If the condition demands it, or if we decide to do so for peace of mind, it’s possible to arrange a whole raft of medical checks in order to fully assess our health.

Thus health checkups may also be beneficent in determining the baseline BP. Thus a person can get to know if he may have hypertensive problems in near future. This is important in determining the problems associated with blood and heart. This may prevent the risk of encountering these problems. Thus health checkups are of great importance.

There is no age limit or age restriction about people who may get these done. Generally people who are middle aged, infants and old age ones who have a weaker immune system and are more susceptible to diseases should get it done on a regular basis. A