How Natural Massage Helps Diabetic Patients

Based on the findings of the American Diabetes Association, 11.8 million Americans (that’s 25 percent of the population) have diabetes. And did you know that one out of 10 citizens in Florida suffers from this condition? The Sunshine State ranks as the most diabetes-affected state in the US. Florida also ranks 29th when it comes to obesity. Though obesity is the primary cause of Type 2 diabetes, the state’s high diabetes rate is due to its culturally diverse and senior population. These two factors almost doubled Florida’s diabetes rate in the last 15 years, raising it from 5.7 to 9.9 percent. 

Luckily, the state is progressive enough to treat different kinds of ailments naturally. And if you hail from Florida, you will come across health centers offering holistic medicine in Tampa. With alternative therapy gaining a strong foothold in the city, natural massage for diabetes is the preferred choice of many diabetic patients Why? Well, here are some of the most beneficial effects of massage for diabetes:

Enhanced Blood Circulation

Diabetes may severely affect your circulatory system. The high blood sugar levels can cause your arteries to harden. Poor circulation affects your feet in the initial stages. However, if you opt for massage therapy, circulation of your blood and lymph improves, thus reducing the stiffening of the arteries and supplying oxygen to the body tissues. Enhanced blood flow promotes cellular absorption of glucose, thus improving the proper utilization of insulin. However, a patient suffering from the disease must check his or her glucose levels a couple of hours after the massage. It will help to figure out whether his or her glucose levels have changed or not. With poor circulation, your injuries, infections, and wounds take more time to heal. This is the reason why some diabetic patients develop foot sores. Therapeutic massage improves the body’s resistance power and enhances its ability to battle wounds and infections.

Relaxation and Positive Myofascial Impact

A diabetic patient feels relaxed after a hand and foot massage session. The physiological and emotional stress of chronic diabetes produces a serious effect on the human body. Massage therapists at reputed health clinics help in soothing the nerves, thus letting the body restore harmonic organ balance in a better way. Massage has many relaxation benefits including lowering the blood pressure and reducing the heart rate. Skilled therapists bring about a profound impact on the body and reduce the production of stress hormones.

Massage has a direct association with muscles or ‘myo’ and connective tissues or ‘fascia.’ And with positive myofascial impact, a diabetic person enjoys enhanced tissue mobility and elasticity. Therapeutic massage fights the stress hormones that cause stickiness between the fascia layers. With better mobility, one can exercise and stretch out to promote the health and flexibility of the myofascial system. These effects help patients embrace an active lifestyle instead of a sedentary one that causes depression in many.

Reduced Depression

Most diabetic patients suffer from acute depression, which can be devastating. Persistent anxiety and sadness cause other chronic ailments such as heart disease, asthma, obesity, and cancer. Depression resulting from diabetes also leads to temporary disability, absenteeism at work, and reduced productivity. However, the relaxation techniques of massage or acupressure help in reducing anxiety and depression symptoms to a considerable extent. In fact, many believe that therapeutic massage is the best medicine to treat diabetes-induced depression.

There are different kinds of massage provided in the holistic medicine centers in Tampa. Alternative therapies focus on the cause of a disease and cure it naturally. So, it’s high time that people ditch their depression pills that make things only worse. For best results, make massage therapy a part of your diabetes treatment plan after consulting your doctor.