Problems Faced By Women To Open Up To Doctors And How To Eradicate Them

In our country women’s health has been quite a neglected topic for years. Finally we haves seen some progress in the field over a few decades.  The reason for such neglect towards women’s health and care is probably because of lack of women empowerment.  But now, they have started to take control of their lives and make a difference for themselves. But yet, the shy nature of a woman makes a hindrance for a woman to openly address her issues.

In today’s article we would mainly be focussing on the issue of the lack of knowledge of women towards their own body, mostly their reproductive system. These are some of the reasons why even having the best doctor of gynecology in india sometimes doesn’t help. I have mainly categorised it into three types:

  • There is plenty awkwardness, as no woman or girl wants to discuss their sexual or reproductive problems. Our society keeps these topics in a hush-hush volume, that often the needy don’t even get the required help.
  • The rural women and girls face the problem of major medical illiteracy. So even if there is something wrong, the girls often are clueless about it and hence seek for no medication or doctor’s help.
  • And then there is that section of girls who often have no guidance for reasons such as no parents or women to guide them. Surrounded by male members in the family, it becomes difficult to address their problems in times of difficulty.

The reasons go on and so forth. These are just some of the most basic ones that I found important to be addressed. Now that we know some of the basic problems what is it that we can do to improve this situation? I have enlisted a few simple ways to deal with it.

  • A lot cannot be done on an individual level but with a little help from the government, awareness could be spread for the cause.
  • There could be medical camps set up for the rural areas, and women gynaecologists could be appointed to make things more comfortable. This would give the girls a voice for the concerned issues.
  • Also, the girls must be educated from a very young age about the need to be open about the problems faced by them regarding their reproductive system. India being a very conservative country lags behind in this very field because of the conservative thoughts or rural backwardness.

Today’s article is about gynaecology. So, I would also like to answer to the question who is a gynaecologist or what is gynaecology exactly? Gynaecology is the branch of medicine which deals with the functions and diseases specific to women and girls, especially those affecting the reproductive system. And, a gynaecologist is one who deals with the branch. We have some of the top gynecology doctors in indiaall we need is for the girls to come forward with their problems. Also, if u know someone who needs the guidance of a gynaecologist then you must help her seek help.