Skip The Hassle Of Your Boss Complaining And Get A Doctors Note Always

Doctor’s notes are a pain. There’s no real way around it. Your boss says he doesn’t really need one because he believes you, but you know the office is full of people who take advantage of their sick days. You don’t want to be lumped in with that crowd and you’re determined to go and get the note. You’re really not all that sick; maybe just a minor case of the sniffles and a little stomach indigestion. You could have dragged yourself into work, but you figured it was probably best to nip this thing in the bud and just get it over with.

The reality of the situation is that regardless of how minor or severe your illness may be getting a doctor’s note is always a good idea. As stated earlier it’s a great way to make sure that you stay in your boss’s good graces. Employers are used to employees lying to them about their sick days. In many work places, they phased out sick days altogether. However, this doesn’t mean that’s its poor practice or a waste of time to make sure that you go and get a doctor’s note. Since so many employees are dishonest about their sick days, by going to get the note you show your employer that you not only care about the success of the business but that you also respect your employment there. It shows that you are willing to prove to your employer that you are an honest and worthy employee. It seems trivial at the time, especially when the notes are not necessary for many work places, but in a world where many positions have little job security, it never hurts to try and make sure you stay on your boss’s good side.

Another reason that it’s worth getting the doctor’s note is that gives your body time to heal and may save you from future visits. Many illnesses start off as something minor. It’s easy to pass them off as nothing, but this is not always the case. Pneumonia can start off as a minor cough. Some stomach indigestion could potentially be a developing case of Crohn’s Disease. This doesn’t mean that one should fear going to the doctor in order to get a note, but it’s something that we must consider. As humans, we are all prone to many different kinds of ailments and diseases. Getting a doctor’s note, even when it feels like something minor, could potentially save your life!