Understand The Process Of Drug Rehab

No one wants to think that they will need drug rehab. It is simply not a goal or life target when you are at school. However, this does not change the fact that there are over 14,500 drug rehab clinics in the US alone.

All of these clinics provide a valuable service to those in need of drug rehabilitation. If you or a loved one is considering or being advised to seek drug rehab then you may wish to understand the process which occurs once you have been admitted.

Admission to Drug Rehab

There are two ways in which you can find yourself being admitted to drug rehab:

  1. By Choice

If you realize you have an issue you can locate a drug rehab clinic and ask if you can be admitted. You will need to pay the fees yourself although you may be able to get some assistance from your medical insurance.

  1. On Command

The second option is to be referred to a drug rehab clinic. This may be by your doctor or you may have been instructed to by a judge. You will have less control over which drug rehab clinics you can go to.


Once you arrive at the drug rehab clinic you will be advised regarding the rules of the establishment. There will be no access to drugs; other than the ones administered by the staff at the clinic.

It s common practice to use drug replacement therapy to assist you in coming off your drug slowly and reduce the side effects associated with withdrawal.


While you are in drug rehab you will be expected to take part in individual discussions and group discussions. These are designed to help you admit you have a problem and deal with the issues that led to the problem.

Without therapy it is highly likely you will simply start taking drugs again when you leave the drug rehab clinic.


Drug rehab clinics also try to direct you towards a healthier lifestyle. As you withdraw from the drug you will be encouraged to use the facilities available in the clinic. Gentle exercise can increase blood flow round your body and help to reduce the effects of withdrawal.


One of the biggest issues regarding drug rehab is when you leave the clinic. You will return to the same environment that probably introduced you to the issue and there will be temptation from the moment you return.

While the idea solution is to relocate, this is not normally a practical solution. Instead, the drug rehab clinic will focus on helping you understand how much more life has to offer and how you can achieve your dreams by staying away from drugs.


Drug rehab clinics will offer an aftercare package which allows you to contact a counselor when you need one. This is designed to help you resist temptation and ease you back into society.

Overcoming a drug addiction is not easy, but with the right help and support it is possible; and very worthwhile.