What To Look Out For After Having Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery procedures are not emergency procedures usually, and are mostly elective. However, it is important to follow the guidelines of the surgeons and some strict aftercare measures to ensure the desired results and prompt recovery.

Plastic surgery is a major procedure itself in many cases and similar to other such surgeries, if you don’t follow the doctor’s instruction and post-surgical restrictions, possible complications of plastic surgery may include;

  • Infections
  • Reopening of the surgical incisions
  • Increased swelling etc.

Moreover, as the patient’s undergoing surgery are eagerly looking forward to the positive impact of it, they have to prepare themselves mentally to tolerate how they look and feel in the first few days after the procedure. Learning to properly cope up post plastic surgery procedure is important to achieve the most desired results as well as to avoid any complications.

Know what to expect

At the first point, know what to expect during recovery. While some plastic surgery procedures may take a few days to recover from, some others may take weeks or months. You should have discussed it with the surgeon prior to the procedure itself in order not to get dissatisfied after the surgery. Sometimes, the postoperative restrictions may affect your day-to-day activities, work life, travelling, and other needs.

Adhere strictly to recovery plan

A post-plastic surgery patient needs to strictly adhere to the recovery plan advised by the surgeon. The instructions may include;

  • Medicines to be used for pain and to reduce swelling.
  • Icing may be required to the affected area from time to time.
  • Keeping the affected area elevated may be advised to avoid swelling.
  • Direct exposure to sunlight may have to be avoided during recovery.
  • There may be some drains inserted if needed as in case of cosmetic breast surgery. Follow the doctor’s instructions on how to deal with the drains.
  • Genuinely attend all follow-up appointments.

Allow your body to recover

Your body needs adequate rest to recover from the impact of this major procedure. So, do not try to go back to the daily routine or take up too active tasks immediate after the plastic surgery. Over-exerting may lead to further complications and further slow down the healing process. Sometimes, it may cause infections and other complications too. Don’t exercise, walk, or run until your doctor clears you to get back to normal life. Activities may cause bleeding and oozing, which can lead to infection and other complications.

Food and fluid

You need to plan a proper healing process in advance by following a diet plan. Proper food with adequate amount of rest is usually advised by the doctors after plastic surgery. Good nutritional and adequate fluid intake may help expedite the recovery process. It is also important to restrain from smoking and consuming alcohol in the immediate post-surgery period.

More importantly, seek for the support of your friends and family to help ease the recovery process. They can offer moral support, which may be very much valuable at the initial stages of healing. Your family can help with your activities as well as your daily routine to ensure that everything is running smoothly for you.