Bite Correction With Invisalign Express

If you want to have perfect teeth but dread to think about wearing braces, aligners might just be the option to go for.

Manufacturers of dental appliances are aware of the fact that aesthetic considerations may deter a lot of patients from wearing braces and getting a high-quality orthodontic treatment. That’s why they are constantly working to improve orthodontic systems and tools.

That’s exactly how ceramic and sapphire braces came to be as well as invisible, or lingual, braces which are installed on the inner surface of the teeth. Just a few decades ago it was unthinkable that braces can be other than metal.

Still, even the latest technological advances do not change the fact that wearing braces every day is rather uncomfortable. So is it possible to perfect your teeth without braces? It is!

Invisalign Express aligners

Transparent and altogether invisible Invisalign Express aligners is the latest breakthrough in orthodontics. Not only they allow to treat malocclusion of teeth, they can also effectively replace a traditional bracket system which is putting so many people off.

Today, the best aligners available on the market are the ones manufactured by Align Technology which are fully tested and certified:

Benefits of Invisalign Express aligners

The first truly invisible orthodontic appliance

From an aesthetic standpoint, even sapphire braces cannot be compared to aligners in terms of invisibility. And if you compare aligners with lingual braces which are invisible, yet quite inconvenient, the advantages that aligners deliver are out of competition.

Personalized for each patient

Aligners are not mass-produced – they are customized for each patient. Therefore, you can rest assured that you are using a tailor-made dental system perfect just for you and ensure the highest quality of treatment.

Removable and comfortable for daily use

Bite correction with Invisalign Express aligners significantly differs from wearing braces. Unlike braces, aligners are removable. The patients need to wear them round the clock but can take them off when eating and undertaking dental hygiene procedures. Aligners are usually changed every two weeks.

Perfect for children and adults alike

No matter your age, you can use this amazing dental appliance to correct your bite and fix other dental defects. The duration varies in each particular case, typically taking nine months to two years.

Invisalign Express aligners will help you get that perfect smile that you have always wanted without putting the daily strain that braces do.