Cancer: The Worst Fate Any One Can Have

What is the Cancer?

The word cancer has a very old background as well. The word has been taken from a very common Latin word called as the ‘karkinos’ which means the ‘crab’. However there are many theories hypothesizes as well as explanations about the naming of this particular disease. each and every one of them is very much beautiful as well as they hold a lot of significance as they all give a fair bit of idea about the origin of the disease. Although the one that is stated below is very much accepted rather mostly accepted because of the many reason. The main reason is like that, we all know what a tumor is and what it can do to the body.

However tumors are of two types, the benign tumors and the malignant tumors. The benign tumors are the tumors which are not at all effective that is it can’t cause seriously harmful diseases in most of the times, on the other hand the malignant tumors are the cancerous tumors. Now another characteristic of the malignant tumor is that they are very hard in the appearance and thus its hardness reminded the researchers about the hard shells of the crab from the naming has been done.

The disease

The disease of cancer is one of the most complex disease in this world, and the most important attribute of this disease is that it is very much under the process of evolution. That is the disease as seen before 10 years is not at all the same in the today and it is expected that the disease will also change its course after 10 years also. And it is also expected that the threat will always remain and also will increase with time as the disease evolves day by day. Thus it can said that the disease is very much beautiful if we compare with other diseases and also very much dangerous as well. The disease mainly encompasses the genetic background of the human body. They occur mainly because of the presence of the mutation in the human body. Now mutation is that phenomenon that changes the human body emphatically and that changes might be a single and a tiny change also. And cancer might be the biggest example of what mutation is. And they also have the characteristic which they can be transferred from the parents to the offspring’s and also to the family members. Thus stopping this disease till now has been next to impossible.

The treatment methods

The treatment of the cancer are very few are they are also very much non-effective in nature. Chemo therapy and the radio therapy are the most common and also basic of all the therapies used for the cancer which cannot provide satisfactory solution to the patients.

Doctor’s diagnosis

Doctor for cancer treatment in India uses these methods to treat the cancer patients although new techniques and therapies has come which are used and the results are not that bad also.

To hope for the best

Hoping is the best we can do with cancer and one day surely some solution will definitely get out for the cancer.