Infection Prevention And Waste Management With Daniels Health

According to the World Health Organization, in a year, about 16 billion injections are administered all over the world and 15% of the total waste produced is considered hazardous which can be both infectious and toxic. These can put the healthcare providers and the patients at high risk for infection and contamination. This is why the WHO has an ongoing problem with waste management in most healthcare facilities.

DANIELS HEALTH – A Different Approach To Healthcare Waste Management

Daniels Health is a trusted healthcare waste management products and services provider all over the United States. When it comes to making sure that your clinical service facility is safe and the hazardous waste produced is controlled, they have the best products for you. This is a clinical service company that has made a great change in healthcare waste management.

At Daniels Health, waste management is approached in a more effective and seamless manner. Daniels has waste management products that can positively impact the change that you would want to happen. They have healthcare waste solutions for the following:

  • Sharps Disposal. At Daniels, you can find here a wide range of sharp disposal solutions that is perfect for any facility. The Daniel Sharpsmart system is clinically proven to reduce any sharp injuries by 87%.
  • RMW Disposal. Regulated Medical Waste services are part of Daniels focus in waste management. With their cost-effective reusable products, healthcare wastes are efficiently controlled.
  • Chemotherapy Disposal. The Chemostart solution at Daniels is the first in the United States. These are effective in eliminating the urgency to use plastic bags or cardboard boxes and help reduce the cost, the increasing problems in landfills, and promote a more positive effect on the environment.
  • Pharmaceutical Disposal. These wastes should be disposed, transported and treated appropriately to avoid any contamination throughout the waste transport. This can also protect it from possible tampering, theft, and diversion of the said waste pharmaceutical materials.
  • Pathological Disposal. The Daniels Pathological waste solutions can reduce the possible waste handling problems. This promotes an increased staff safety and reduces the costs.
  • Hazardous Disposal. Every US based healthcare facilities needs a secure and sustainable hazardous waste management. At Daniels, they have an effective solution for these problems. Failure to correct the wrongdoings in terms of properly disposing of any hazardous wastes can increase the health risks of the healthcare staff as well as the public.
  • Device Recovery. In the Operating Room, there are recycling solutions that Daniels Health can offer. The Daniels Device Smart recovery program would be able to reduce the waste from landfills while focusing on the safety in the surgical environment.
  • Gate Waste. Waste processing in a healthcare facility should be given a special attention. Daniels Health is the best partner in cost-effective gate waste services. This is why they are the leader in waste management all over the United States.

Healthcare waste management problems are drastically increasing worldwide. Controlling the rapid spread of infection and contamination in a healthcare facility does not only pertain to hand-hygiene. The bins where the used needles are thrown, or the containers where fluids are loaded, are also a means for bacteria or viruses to spread.