Skin Acne Symptoms, Causes And Acne Treatment In London

There are different types of skin conditions you can be a victim of and one of the most irritating skin conditions is acne and it really turns anyone off. Skin acne are chronic skin condition and inflammatory too. You must have seen different spots and pimples on different parts of the body like neck, back, shoulders, face, and arms. These are skin acne and all you need to do is to go for an acne treatment in London and that is all.

Skin acne is not a life-threatening condition and you don’t need to worry at all if you have acne on your body. It can be treated easily. However, it might leave permanent or temporary skin marks on the body.


There are visible Acne symptoms you can find on your body like pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, tiny red marks and bumps, painful lumps beneath the skin.

Skin Acne Causes:

There are many factors that can cause skin acne. Here is a list:


Certain mediation might cause side effects including red skin acne on different parts of the body.

Hormonal changes:

During the puberty, boys and girls have excessive working androgens that cause sebaceous gland to produce more oil and it might be the cause of skin acne.

Hair follicles clogged with bacteria:

When hair follicles are clogged with bacteria, it might cause whiteheads and pimples.


There are many types of acne treatments available and a private dermatologist London will choose one of them as per your conditions. Here is a list of treatments explained in brief:

Mild acne:

There are many types of creams and gels, steroidal and non-steroidal, available that can cure the acne. Furthermore, your skin specialist might prescribe you some medications like soaps, pads, creams, and gels that are very effective in treating skin acne. You can apply them as per the prescriptions.

Moderate to severe acne:

If you are having moderate to severe acne, your doctor may prescribe you some high dose of antibiotics that can function effectively and also reduce bacterial inflammation. One such antibiotic is tetracycline.

Some doctors also suggest combined oral contraceptives and it might help you to cure acne.

If such antibiotics and contraceptives don’t work, Isotretinoin (Amnesteem, Claravis, Sotret) is suggested. It is a powerful drug and normally offers superior, noticeable results.

However, these oral medications do come with some side effects like stomach ache, dizziness, fatigue and bad mouth. You need to consult a doctor before taking such medication.


The last option for acne treatment London is therapies. In recent years, laser and photo-dynamic therapies have shown some improved results. However, the research is going on about the light source, dose, and other parameters.

Some doctors also use extraction therapy by gently removing blackheads and whiteheads with some tools. However, it is not a sure-shot technique and can cause scarring.

Some prevention tips:

  • Whether you are diagnosed with skin acne or not, these preventive tips will surely help you to control skin acne.
  • Never burst pimples and whiteheads as it may cause further infection and make the skin dull, red and swelling.
  • don’t touch skin acne frequently. It will do no good.
  • If you are applying skin lotions and skins, wash hands every time you apply it.
  • Consult a private dermatologist in London if you don’t get desired results from home remedies.
  • Wear loose clothes if you are having skin acne in shoulders and back. It will surely help skin to breathe properly.
  • If you apply makeup regularly, ensure that you consult a specialist about which makeup products to use and which not. Also, remove makeup when you go to sleep.

Wrapping Up:

If you have skin acne, ensure that you consult a private dermatologist London as a specialist will ensure that you get the best skin acne treatment.