Features To Note Before You Use A Flash Glucose Monitor

The Flash Glucose Monitor is designed for reliable blood glucose estimation.  It is portable and can be taken with you everywhere you go. As a result of using this tool, you will never need to pay a consistent visit to the clinic again. The tool can measure your blood sugar at home, in the office at your workshop or anywhere else. It can also be taken with you to the park or even when you go on a vacation.

How it works

The Flash Glucose Monitor is wearable and carries out the glucose measurement on the go. The estimation also takes just one second. Rest assured that the process is also painless.

Furthermore, the tool can store the result obtained for up to 14 days. As a result, you can always check your progress if you are already receiving anti-diabetic treatment; you can compare the results and find out if you are getting better or worse.  

Besides, the monitor requires one silver oxide battery as its power source. Its best operating temperature is between 10 and 45 degree Celsius. On the other hand, its best storage temperature is between 4 and 25 degree Celsius. It is equally water-resistant and can operate at a maximum altitude of 3,048 meters and -381 meters.  

Its specific uses

Due to its function and purpose, the Flash Glucose Monitor is aimed at individuals having diabetes so that they can manage the condition effortlessly and painlessly.  Additionally, individuals not having diabetes can equally use the tool for checking their blood sugar level consistently in preparation for an eventuality.

Who can use it?

As described above, Flash Glucose Monitor can be used by both diabetic patients and those that do not have diabetes yet. Besides, it is designed for any individual over 4 years of age. Bear in mind that diabetes can occur in children also.  

What the pack contains

Flash Glucose Monitor pack contains the following essential items required for accurate estimation of interstitial fluid glucose level:

  •    1 FreeStyle Libre reader
  •    2 Freestyle Libre sensors
  •    A user guide that shows you how to use a Flash Glucose Monitor.

Bear in mind that sensor can only last for 14 days. As a result, you can use the sensors in the starter pack for about four weeks.   When the sensor finishes, you can easily buy another set of sensors or test strips to continue using the Flash Glucose Monitor.

Moreover, you can use a Flash Glucose Monitor with FreeStyle Optium ketone test strips or FreeStyle Optium blood glucose test strips. Therefore, the monitor can be called an all-in-one FreeStyle Libre system.  The strips are available for sale in your local pharmacy stores.


You can use a Flash Glucose Monitor without breaking the bank. It is affordable and will never put a hole in your pocket.  You will also get top value for every dime you spend on it.