How Electric Tooth Brushing Is Better Than Manual Brushing

To maintain optimal oral health, it is recommended to brush your teeth twice in a day, by dentists and oral hygiene associations worldwide. But, many study and survey reported the toothbrushes nowadays are causing more harm than good to our gums and teeth. It is seen, they have become one of the reasons for sensitive teeth and gum. Consequently, we experience hot and cold sensations.

So, what can you do, if your brush is contributing to your bad oral health? Should you stop brushing? Or, reduce the daily count? Fortunately, in the last couple of years, the medical sciences have evolved to come with new & innovative products, electric toothbrush one to mention. It is typically a device, which performs the brushing work on its own, without your elbow grease, all you have to do it guide and rest will be done by the electric toothbrush.

Today, there are so many brands available; you can pick anyone if you properly compare electric toothbrushes to accomplish optimal oral health. Here, one thing to clarify is, the battery-powered toothbrush and an electric-powered toothbrush, both are two different things, they aren’t the same as many perceive. The battery of the battery based toothbrush adds vibrations of quite low intensity to your manual tooth brushing. So, here, you are required to put in some efforts during brushing the teeth, and it also lacks extra bust cleaning ability that an electricity powered brush has. Moreover, with a battery enabled toothbrush, you are required to frequently replace the battery, while there is no such headache with an electric one. An electric toothbrush has a charging base that allows you to recharge it anytime & anywhere.

Just, like the manual brushes, it recommended to replaces the bristles once in four months to ensure finest cleaning results. Nowadays, the electric toothbrushes also come with different kind of sensors, those manage the pressure you apply on the teeth or gum. If it exceeds the prescribed value, then the toothbrush will stop its operations. So, it is best to compare electric toothbrushes, their features to pick the right one for you.

In comparison to manual brushing, cleaning your teeth with an electric toothbrush is a lot of fun, as you do without applying any efforts, even the kids love it, and they are perfect for the old-timers. In the hustle and bustle, when nobody has even a second to waste, the electric toothbrushes are worth an addition to their lives.

Well, at first you may think the electric toothbrush is a luxury, but if you count the number of manual toothbrushes you have purchased in the last six months, you will discover above is worth an investment.

To wrap up, from the above you probably come to know about every benefit of the electric toothbrush. But, to avail of all its benefits, you got to pick the right product available in the market. For that, you got to go online and check out online reviews and ratings, in addition to having your friends’ recommendations.