Important Questions Answered For European Health Insurance Card

Acting as an agreement between the countries in EU and the European Economic Area, EHIC or European Health Insurance card is quite useful for all the citizens residing in various countries. This card entitles you to get free or discounted medical aid at the hospitals, clinics or other health institutions run by the states or those covered under this card. It can be obtained by all the UK citizens and proves to be beneficial for them in multiple ways. Though EHIC card has been in prevalence since long time ,however, number of people are still ignorant about important facts related to this card. They keep on asking questions regarding EHIC card renewal, its validity, eligibility of the cardholders and so on. In this article, we are going to answer some of the most important and commonly asked questions about this card for benefit of all the concerned. Have a look.

Application of the EHIC

It is to be noted that European Health Insurance Card can be applied in a very easy manner through the online mode. There are number of official websites through which you may apply for the EHIC. You just need to fill in the requisite details in a step-by-step manner and apply for the same. It is to be noted that EHIC is applicable totally free and no fee is charged for its application or the EHIC card renewal. Thus you need to apply the same through valid or official websites only. You need to beware of the frauds and scams in this respect.

Beneficial during travelling

It is to be noted that EHIC is particularly beneficial for the cardholders while travelling. It is because they can have easy and hassle-free access to various medical aids and benefits while travelling to foreign countries across the EU. In a way, it keeps the travellers assured about getting the requisite and timely medical aid if so required while travelling.

Working mechanism of the EHIC Card

Well, the working mechanism of EHIC is very simple. It entitles the cardholder to have easy access to the treatments and other medical facilities either in a totally free manner or at discounted rates in countries other than their native country across the EU. It offers you the same benefits in terms of medical aid as are offered to the local citizens of any country in the EU.

Renewal of the EHIC Card

EHIC card is valid for a period of five years from the date of its issuance. It expires that after five years and you need to opt for EHIC card renewal following the expiry date or even before it. It is better to get your EHIC renewed well-in-advance to keep availing the benefits offered by it.

Money saving aspect of the EHIC

EHIC certainly proves to be a money saving for the cardholders. It is because you may get medical facilities at considerably reduced prices or even free-of-cost in the foreign lands too apart from your native land across the EU.

By getting answers to all your queries regarding EHIC, you may apply for the same in a stress-free manner and enjoy travelling in future.