Knowing A Christian Energy Psychology – The Splankna Therapy

Getting triggered or over reacting to a certain event or a series of situation is a very common thing, faced by most individuals. Often these over reactions can also cause not so acceptable behavior and they are known as the ‘Trauma Symptoms’. This is mainly due to the result of a previously stored energy within the subconscious mind pertaining to a trauma of the past. However, the human body is built with the capacity of being able to efficiently release these stored emotional charges and resolve the issue. This can be facilitated through the Splankna Therapy, a kind of Christian Energy Psychology.

The subconscious mind is actually responsible for the protection and preservation of lives from any kind of damage or danger and hence it stores a huge amount of emotions of traumatic episodes of the past. It is a sort of a file system  created by God, which works at a great speed, as fast as 11 million bits per second. The greater the trauma of the event the more energetically charged is the stored emotion. These subconscious emotions serve as ‘trigger mechanisms’ that help one to put up one’s defenses or create some kind of distance that keeps one safe and sound.

But all praise and glory to God for having created the human body so intelligently that it has the capacity of being able to access and manipulate these energies in a way that they can reduce the discomfort, through the Splankna therapy, which is a Christian Therapy Protocol.

An energy psychology such as this is a kind of pseudo-science that endeavors to remove unhealthy and problematic triggers by means of biomeridian manipulation. This is a collection of within the body that contains the neurological flow of energy, i.e., the way in which the body stores the memories and emotions felt during a traumatic situation of the past.

A Splankna therapy is done under the guidance of the presence of the Holy Spirit, wherein the exact location of a stored emotion of a past trauma that is fueling a current symptom can be found. The concept of the mind body within Splankna is what helps in getting hold of that emotion and reducing the fuel behind the symptom considerably.

There are many ways in which this end can be achieved, but the basic principle is same in all of them, which are Circuitry + Intention. Circuitry is the part in which the emotion is accessed and altered and Intention makes the client remember and deliberate on that particular emotion . When these two things come together, the body is facilitated to be able to remove and release that particular disturbing energy and bring it to a more appropriate level that is easily bearable by the body.

Direct access, Algorithms and Bi-laterals and Prayer are the three main ways in which this Circuitry is practiced within the realm of Splankna, a therapy based on the Christian belief that God is the center of everything in this universe.