Low-Cost State Healthcare For European Residents

The EEA comprises European Union, Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein. It promotes a single, common market with free movements of goods and services. People and capital can also be moved freely. The European Health Insurance Card(EHIC) is issued to citizens of UK, Switzerland, and EEA. The EHIC Card Renewal and application processes are subject to official guidelines and rule of law.

  • EHIC is a vital healthcare card for residents and travellers of all the eligible countries.
  • Public hospitals and doctors are mandated to offer free or discounted services.
  • The card assures health care parity to all native residents and eligible visitors.
  • Citizens of participating countries have to carry the EHIC with them at all times.
  • The cards have to be renewed on time and there are strict terms and conditions(T&C).
  • Local health providers and insurers extend the card services to the applicants.
  • Insurance covers a limited set of medical treatments including emergency care.

Accessible Healthcare

Medical resources are vital for all those who live in EU and UK. Their physical and mental health is assured by this insurance scheme. Only state or public healthcare facilities are available for the insured patients. The EHIC Card Renewal, coverage, and application procedures have to be followed by all the participant nations.

  • Europe guarantees health services, not on the basis of citizenship. Access to medical treatment is based only on country of legal residence.
  • Workers, tourists, students, and job seekers are eligible for treatment. EHIC comes in handy if they get sick or are involved in an accident.
  • The insurance coverage is on par with statutory health care system. Travel insurance does not become futile even if the patient is visiting a country.
  • EHIC covers unplanned situations like fractures, broken teeth, viral fever, etc., Diabetes is covered, but planned treatments are not permitted.
  • Each and every individual in a family requires a separate card. If treatment has costs, then reimbursements depend on the country’s health policy.
  • Patients have to check for eligibility and covered treatments list. Those who are eligible to get quick medical aid and reimbursements.
  • The costs of private medical treatments, ski resort rescues are not reimbursed. Medical tourism is not covered, while non-EU residents require social security.
  • Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein do not extend this care to non-EU citizens. Croatians are not admitted into Swiss public hospitals under EHIC.

How To Replace Or Recommence Services?

The EHIC is distributed by respective country’s health agencies as per law. The eligibility rules include state social security for dependents and employee insurance. The application process varies from one country to another. The EHIC Card Renewal has these terms –

  • A 5 yr. validity period followed by the free renewal process.
  • Renewing has to be done at least 6 months before expiry date.
  • Online procedure is simple and straightforward in all the countries.
  • Official websites do not charge anything for the renewal form or process.
  • Open this link in a website, select the country and complete the formalities -http://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?catId=563&langId=en#national info

European Union countries have an open market trade policy. People also travel between countries. Insurance comes to their rescue in case of sickness or injury. The EHIC Card Renewal and application procedures are listed online. Eligible, insured citizens have access only to the public healthcare system in all the participating countries.