Major Five Pillars Of Holistic Dentistry

The oral health of the people throughout the world is very alarming. Having said that, we mean, according to an estimate, billions of people around the world suffer from major tooth decay that causes serious oral health problems. Another study says that some of the most advanced countries in the world like the USA don’t feature in the list of top five countries where people have the best oral health. This is indeed an eye-opener to all. That’s where, for instance, comes to your benefit if you are there in the City of Nashville.

The onus to mention that like the five fingers of your hand, not every dentist in your niche market can offer the best holistic dentistry that your money can buy. It further connotes that to create a lasting impression on the people surrounding you, you must have good teeth. After all, it is your face that bears your identity. Interestingly, your teeth and tongue are most visible to the people whom you meet and greet in a private or official party. Hence, you have to choose a partner like for your holistic dentistry treatment in Nashville.

Key Areas Of Holistic Dentistry

Drug Optimization

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Before and after the invasive surgery, it is important to use some drugs with a view to minimizing a patient’s pain. In a holistic dentistry, dentists use homeopathy medicines in place of painkillers. It further connotes that your dentist pays more attention to your health over anything else here.  

No Painkillers

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Post invasive surgery, dentists usually recommend taking painkillers. But, a doctor in holistic dentistry wouldn’t advise for the same. Instead, he gives you infrared devices such as The Odyssey Diode Laser that you can directly apply to the affected areas inside your mouth for 20 minutes at a time. Repeat the process a couple of times during a day. This, in turn, expedite your healing.   

State-Of-The-Art Technology

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Your dentists in a holistic dentistry always bank on the state-of-the-art technology. Having said that, we mean, such a dentist heavily depends on the latest technology products that lower your pain and help a speedy recovery. For instance, your dentists here use digital X-ray, cone beam computerized tomography, platelet rich fibrin therapy, intraoral camera, and The Diagnodent (a tooth decay detection technology that uses laser fluorescence) to name a few here.      

Says No To Fluoride

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Fluoride strengthens tooth enamel and thus, prevents tooth decay. But, fluoride treatment has several side effects such as the white spots on teeth, stiffening of body, nausea, and drooling to name a few.   

Case-Specific Treatment

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Your dentist for the holistic dentistry must adopt case specific treatments. For instance, root canal therapy isn’t good. But, your dentist may recommend you for the same based on the circumstantial evidence.

It is important to mention that the holistic dentistry began its journey in 1819. Since then, it has evolved all over the world. That’s how good dental clinics have come up and served millions of people worldwide on the everyday basis.