5 Critical Things You Need To Know About Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a procedure that enables women to make their breasts firmer, fuller and shapely. However, the procedure offers those who opt to undergo it more benefits beyond a good appearance. It boosts self-confidence which in turn impacts on each aspect of their lives in a positive way. Women can undergo breast augmentation, or what is commonly known as breast for varying reasons. For some, it is the desire to boost underdeveloped breast that may not be proportionate to their bodies. Others opt for the procedure because they are unhappy with the size, symmetry or shape of their breasts, breastfeeding has caused changes to occur, they have lost significant weight or gravity and age have had a toll on their breasts.

In the US, breast augmentation is a common plastic surgery procedure. Many women in the country reach other to cosmetic surgeons to boost their femininity so they can feel more voluptuous. However, there are rising misconceptions about breast augmentation procedure. It is important to note the process is completely safe and is a sure way of enhancing your self-confidence and boost your body appearance. Before you decide to undergo a breast augmentation procedure, you need to learn as much as you can and discuss your expectations with your doctor. If you are looking to have a breast augmentation procedure conducted on you, here are 5 critical things you need to be aware of:

  1. You can go for the natural option

If you are the kind of person who is not impressed by the thought of having an implant fitted in your body, there is all natural option available. This option utilizes your own body fat. Cosmetic surgeons use fat transfer to increase your breast size and improve their shape. The fat used in this procedure is removed from your buttocks, hips or thighs. It is then cleaned to remove any impurities before being injected into your breast tissue. This is an entirely natural project when no foreign objects are used. Fat transfer Sydney breast augmentations can last for years, feeling and looking completely natural. 

  1. No general anesthesia will be used on you

When undergoing breast augmentation, you will not be put under the general anesthesia. Instead, the doctor will use local anesthetics so you don’t feel the areas that will be treated. You will remain awake as the procedure is undertaken and afterwards, you will not get up feeling disoriented and groggy. The procedure does not take long, it will be over in just an hour though this depends on what you want done on your breast. Even so, there are some situations that require you to remain in hospital overnight so be prepared for such occurrences.

  1. Breast implants may last for more than 10 years

Most women tend to think that after undergoing a breast augmentation process, they will need to replace the implants after every 10 years. This is not really true because for many women, breast implants can last for a much longer time. As a matter of fact, the Food and Drug administration in the US approximates that only 20% of women who undergo breast augmentation will be in need of replacements within 8 to 10 years of undergoing the procedure. This is because modern day breast implants are safer, sturdier and more durable compared to those that were being used several years ago.

  1. The procedure does not increase risk for developing breast cancer

Though there are reports linking breast implants to cancer, the chances of you developing cancer as a result of breast augmentation are extremely low. According to reviews on Mayo Clinic, only two women out of every 2 million women who undergo procedures of adding textured breast implants actually develop breast cancer. Though it is highly unlikely that you could develop cancer due to breast implants, the type of cancer that could result from breast implants has a high cure rate of 90%. 

  1. The safety of breast implants is guaranteed

There are generally two kinds of breast implants, saline and silicone. None of these is unsafe for long-term application, they are completely safe. The Food and Drug Administration has undertaken extensive tests on the efficacy and safety of both and there are no studies linking them to serious health or disease concerns.

In the past, there were reports that silicone implants would rupture then leak onto the body. For some time now, only women who undergo reconstructive surgery after mastectomy would use implants made from silicone gel. Saline implants would be used on other women.

However, since 2006, this has changed following extensive studies by the Food and Drugs Administration. The studies showed no connection between silicone gel breast implants and autoimmunity or any other health problems. This means that the use of breast implants, including those made from silicone gel is completely safe.