Fertility Myths And Truths

Infertility is a very complicated topic that most of us do not understand. And because of this, we are forced to believe in a lot of myths which are most of the times ruins our life. Male and female infertility are two different things. Most of are not aware that there is nothing called as female infertility but just a female complication which prevents her from conceiving. So fertility is a condition by which couples are not able to enter their parenthood naturally. Male infertility is very common than female infertility. The characteristics of fertility vary from person to person and hence there is no fixed sign or symptom with respect to fertility. But some of the characters which people face sometimes when their infertility is affecting are nervousness, shyness and lack of confidence. Sometimes, people also feel being confused. All this is a function of the fertility hormones. Male and female hormones are very different in the way they behave and hence there is no unison.

It is very important to understand the type of fertility you are undergoing. Not everyone’s fertility issues are the same. Also, there is something called as a fertility quotient which is very important to maintaining a good fertility health. This is the most important factor which decides how fertile you are. Factors like sperm quality and sperm count are the two most important factors which determine male fertility. A semen test is the male fertility evaluation test which determines the semen quality. A habit like smoking is known to reduce the sperm cells in the semen and hence the possibilities of a smoker being infertile are more than that of a non-smoker. Drinking is also known to kill sperms and hence is very important to keep your alcohol levels at a check. Semen analysis or a male infertility test can be done at any IVF centre in Mumbai for that matter.

If you are looking to visit any fertility hospital in Chennai or any other city for that matter, always understand that infertility issues are very common and you have now taken an important decision which will bring you the good news. Also, it is very important to evaluate the fertility hospital before you take the crucial steps of opting for any treatment.