How To Be A Successful Beauty Vlogger?

Being a beauty blogger or vlogger seems like a trend these days. But only those tend to rise, who are well acknowledged about beauty and the various products involved within it. You can start your own vlog, but there is a lot that goes into consideration, to make it go big and successful. Creating a YouTube channel for showcasing your talent and to talk about things that you love is a very exciting venture. There is a lot of new stuff that you come across and loads of learning awaits you too. Many people will tell you that the vlogging is super complicated. Well, it is if you don’t do the right things but if you have the right information in your hands; it won’t be that tough. Therefore, we have summed up some crucial information that can be extremely helpful for people who wish to start their own beauty vlog. If you are one of them (which obviously brings you here), then scroll down to see how you can be a successful beauty vlogger or find out more by visiting Disguise Yourself Pretty.

  • Be Yourself:

We are breathing in a society that constantly tells us to be someone else or to look a certain way to be termed as pretty. Belay vlogging might seem like that entire thing but it isn’t and the vloggers mustn’t make it that way too. The key to being a successful beauty blogger is to be you. Never forget your very own personality in the midst of this all. Eva Gutowski is a successful beauty blogger, who believes that being you is the key to success in vlogging. It is good to post less flattering images of yourself on social media and go “no makeup” sometimes too. Don’t change who you really are, just because you want followers. You need to show people that they don’t have to be scared to be themselves. Be who you are and people will adore you, for who you are?

  • Don’t make it Extraordinary:

You want people to relate to things and your vlog and you, so it must be relatable. Don’t just put up glamorous things that cannot be realistic all the time. You need to show the real side of life too. For example, how to get ready for your school in 5 minutes or what is the perfect look for back to school. When you are making such videos, think of the majority of girls, who would go to school in a minimalistic manner and stay super realistic. Highlight the majority and don’t glam up everything. Being realistic is the key.

  • Make your Videos Visually Appealing:

You cannot compromise on your video at all. Yes, you can start a vlog with shooting on your smartphone (if it as a good focus) but the way in which you edit your video, holds a lot of importance. Transitions and addition of captions is very helpful in creating a good overall outlook for the video. Even if you can’t edit the whole video, make sure that you make the beginning to its very attractive. Adding your channel name in the beginning, represents you wonderfully well and you are going to get a positive vibe to the entire video too.

  • Utilize Social Media at its Best:

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have a lot of active users on daily basis. This allows you to brand yourself. Post a great teaser to your beauty video on Instagram and leave the link for the followers to visit and see the entire video. You need to promote your vlog if you want to be successful. Therefore, make a smart social media marketing strategy that is realistic and would work greatly too.

  • You need to get some Equipment’s:

Yes you can start beauty vlogging with your smartphone but as time passes by, you realize that you need to get professional. If you are looking for success, clarity and quality of video matter a lot. Get a high quality HD camera and invest in a tripod too. If the lighting in your video making area is great then you wouldn’t need to invest in lights but if you want a good lighting, then get those too.

  • Ignore the Haters:

You will get hate; it is common. When you receive tons of love, a little hate does come along the way. For example, many people might tell you that your room is a little messy. They are going to notice the surroundings more than you. Don’t decide to clean it entirely in the next video. Tell them that this is who you are and your room stays a little messy sometimes too. Ignore the hate and absorb all the love and it will be your ultimate motivation.


Well, with these simple tips you can start your own beauty vlog and actually make it successful too. Make sure that you have planned out your objectives and you know which strategies you will be implementing to gain success. Don’t forget to be yourself and be realistic. Glamourous is not always needed and a lot of glam obviously looks unreal. Yes, nobody is posting their failures but the real side is more appreciated.