Skincare Habits To Start Today For Youthful-Looking Skin

Aging is inevitable. Everyone is bound to get older, and as we age, our skin changes and starts to look less vibrant and radiant. Fortunately, there are certain skincare habits you can develop to delay early signs of skin aging, and plenty of products to help you out. Here are some skincare habits you should start to day to hold on to your youthful glow for longer:

Double Cleanse

One of the most effective things you can do to prevent early signs of skin aging is to double cleanse at the end of the day. The popularity of this skincare trend is attributed to Korean women, who practice double cleansing every day and enjoy gorgeous, youthful-looking skin as a result. If you’ve never tried double cleansing before, it’s exactly what it sounds like: washing your face twice. If you aren’t sure which products to use, Well Within Beauty makes fantastic organic beauty products that are suited for double cleansing.

Start with an oil-based cleanser to remove your makeup and sunscreen. Why an oil-based cleanser, you might ask? An oil-based cleanser can draw out dirt, impurities and excess oil better than a water-based cleanser because oil and water don’t mix. The idea is that like attracts like. Well Within Beauty offers a natural makeup remover that is perfect for this first step. Featuring cranberry, camellia and jojoba oils, this silky makeup remover can remove even waterproof and long-wearing makeup, without being overly aggressive on your skin.

Once you’ve removed all traces of makeup and sunscreen with your first oil-based cleanser, follow up with a second water-based cleanser. This will ensure your skin gets a deep and thorough cleanse, preventing signs of aging, pigmentation and dreaded breakouts.

You might think that double cleansing every night is too much of a hassle, but in reality, cleansing a second time only takes a few more minutes, and the results are well worth it. If you’re still hesitant to try out this method of cleansing, at the very least never go to bed with makeup on. This can cause all sorts of horrible skin conditions, from minor breakouts to serious infections.

Exfoliate Regularly

Another way you can get youthful-looking skin is by exfoliating regularly. Skin naturally sheds and renews itself roughly every 28 days. As we get older, this process slows down, leading to a build-up of dead skin cells on the surface of our skin, which in turn can make your complexion look dull, rough and old. Speed this process back up by introducing a gentle exfoliator into your skincare routine.

Exfoliating your skin doesn’t necessarily mean using harsh or aggressive scrubs. These can actually damage your skin if used too often or too vigorously. Try using chemical exfoliators instead. Products that contain BHA (beta hydroxy acid aka salicylic acid) and AHAs help get rid of dead skin cells by penetrating deep into your pores and dislodging any gunk there. Using a chemical exfoliator regularly can give your skin a beautiful, radiant glow.

Use Sun Protection Every Day

Everyone knows that prevention is better than cure. It’s easier to prevent early signs of skin aging than it is to get rid of them once they’re already there. Sunscreen is the most important product you can use to prevent early signs of skin aging. The sun’s harmful rays can cause a lot of damage on your skin, including skin cancer, dark spots and wrinkles, so make sure to protect your skin every single day.

Choose a sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection and an SPF of at least 30, and wear it every day, even on cloudy or rainy days. The sun’s rays are extremely powerful and can penetrate through clouds and glass windows, damaging your skin even when you can’t see them.

Follow these three steps consistently, and you should be able to notice your skin looking plumper, more supple and more youthful in about six to twelve weeks. It’s natural for everyone to age, but you can definitely do it more gracefully if you take good care of your skin.