Cool Massager Machines Reviews – Which One Is The Best For You

Feeling tired and sore from a long day at work? Wish you had a personal massager at home while you watched T.V? I’m sure most you our readers have a personal handheld massager at your home. There are many advantages of having hand-held massagers, with the biggest advantage being able to use them wherever and whenever.

What are the benefits of Massage? 

Sometimes, our muscles get so overworked and tense that we need to do something to bring them back into their relaxed state. Massage not only loosen up muscles, then can also restore your energy flow. How? Massage can stimulate circulation and promote the elimination of waste throughout the body.

Benefits of hand held massagers


Hand-held massagers are also a very economical way to receive treatment and also allows you to pin-point exactly where you need the massage treatment. Today’s modern technology allows you to bring some of the benefits of massage at the convenience of your own home. Massaging can bring many health benefits, however, it is only through daily massage that the cumulative effects are seen. It’s simply not viable for most people to visit his/her massage therapist everyday! Hand-held massagers are not meant to replace your therapist, but to complement your therapy program.

Promotes the movement of blood: at specific locations from vibration and rotation actions (some hand-held massagers even emit far-infrared heat which promote circulation).

 Ability to easily adjust intensities: The following are some cool massagers that have the above benefits all packed into one handy device:

Hand-held massagers can produce strong vibrations: which can be used to invigorate your nervous system. Vibrations increase circulation in the affected areas and relieves tension in your joints.

1.) ChiSoft Detachable 2-In1- Hand Held Massager

Don’t let this cute little device fool you. This device has a very powerful rotary massager which imitates the ‘Rotary Technique’ used by massage therapists.

You detach the massager to turn this into a palm massager for more precise massage or deep tissue massage.

Put the massaging device back to the handle to make a portable massager for hard to reach areas such as your back muscles.

This one the most unique massager I have seen in the maret

2.) Percussion Massager

This devices contacts four vibrating balls which imitate the vibration technique. The vibration technique is used by therapists to help restore and maintain function of your nervous system. It contains a intensity dial called the ‘Power Speed Regulator’

3.) Handheld Body Massager

This high-tech looking massager has both a spinning and rotation. It’s also very quiet for a hand-held massager that has such powerful motor.

4.) Neck Shoulder Massager

This ergonomic shaped back massager comes with two massage rollers made with jade. It gives you a relaxing deep shiatsu massage. When heated the special jade rollers emits far infrared. Far infrared enhances the blood circulation of you body.

Infrared heat has been known to have healing properties as well as helping to relax and prolong the life of the wearer.

Hmmm….this neck back massager can stimulate shiatsu massage and fight back the evil at the same time. That makes my mind very relaxed!

5.) Infrared Neck Massager

This infrared neck massager is a great way to relieve your stiff neck and shoulder muscle. This neck massager comes with two massage heads for forward and reverse kneading action. Combining far infrared technology and deep kneading massage to give you maximum relaxation! The far infrared light will penetrate deep into your tissue to promote blood circulation while the kneading action provides relief for your aching muscles.