Healthy Lifestyle Changes To Make For Continued Recovery

Overcoming addiction won’t be easy. Whether your vice of choice was food, alcohol, drugs, prescription meds, sex, or gambling, the road to recovery is an ongoing, lifelong process. The important thing is that you took the first step towards a better life. You’ve detoxed the substances or addictive behaviors from your life with the help of a rehab center, and are now ready to reenter the world. If you’re apprehensive about how you’ll remain on the path of sobriety, these healthy lifestyle changes can make it easier.

Remember Coping Tips

Addiction is typically the cause of underlying life issues that may have overwhelmed you. Many addicts rely on substances like alcohol, painkillers, or marijuana to mask their physical and/or emotional pain. As you participate in drug or alcohol detox programs with a reputable rehab center, you’re engaged in group and individual therapy which can be instrumental in helping you cope with overwhelming feelings. Remember these coping methods as they’ll be necessary when transitioning back into your everyday life.

Get Active

It’s not uncommon to feel like you want to hide from others after coming home from rehab, however, isolating yourself and remaining inactive are surefire ways to end up back in your addiction. You need a distraction, and more importantly, your body needs to be strengthened by the impact it’s felt from addiction. Exercise is vital to your recovery and should not be overlooked. You can take a walk in the mornings before work, take the stairs instead of using the elevator, join a dance class, engage in after school play with your kids, or any other activities that will keep you moving.

Eat a Well-Balanced Diet

Not only does your body need to heal after addiction, but so does your mind. One way to improve both is to eat well-balanced meals. When you’re eating the right things, your mind and body can be in synch for an improved chance at recovery. You should be eating a variety of veggies and fruits, lean protein, and steering clear of foods that are overly processed or high in sugar, salt, or fat.

Get Some Shut-Eye

You need a full 7 to 8 hours of rest to be successful during recovery. Your body needs to replenish itself and it does this while you’re sleep. Poor sleeping patterns can result in lack of concentration, moodiness, frustration, and a host of other emotions which can cause you to want to use again. If you’re having trouble sleeping, try creating a schedule, reducing caffeine consumption, and creating a comfortable sleep environment with a comfy bed and pillows.

Find New Interests

Old habits die hard, but they’re easier to kill off if you’ve got something else to interest you. Instead of engaging in activities that may have caused you to start using in the first place (bar hopping, partying, overworking, gambling, etc), find something that really interests you. Start a blog about your addiction and recovery journey, take up art or music lessons, or start a side business supporting a cause you’re passionate about.

You’ve made major strides in your efforts to turn over a new leaf and beat addiction. As it is a multifaceted disease, it is important for you to continue those efforts outside of your rehab program. Continue to seek support through therapy, and adopt these healthy changes in your life. When your mind and body are taken care of from the inside out, you have a higher chance of beating addiction and anything else that comes your way.