Tips To Perfect Your Medicine Personal Statement

Initially, whatever we write for the first time arrives at its perfect copy after a lot of writing and re-writing. During this entire process, the overall structure of the statement changes. A lot of bullet points come into consideration while this entire transformation.

Some tips to perfect your medicine personal statement.

Clear Theme

Each paragraph of your statement should have a clear theme. Grouping points can do this. Grouping a few points together strengthen that point even more. If the important points are scattered across the statement, it wouldn’t make an impact on the readers. On the other hand, grouping the important points together only makes it more impressive and impressionable to the minds. This also gives your medicine personal statement a flow and proper structure.

One theme

The opening paragraph should include only one theme. For instance, you can start by describing an event and then revolving that entire paragraph around the reasons why the student wants to pursue medicine in terms of that event. All this should be done keeping in mind that the event should seem original. It shouldn’t be over the line unbelievable. Neither should it be very monotonous nor something that has a probability of coming up in most of the personal statements.

Substantial Work Experience Examples

Adding a good work experience enhances your medicine personal statement. However, make sure that this substantial example is not diluted by unnecessary details. A substantial work experience must be presented in a substantial manner. Some candidates give an insightful perspective about what they have learned from their work experience. This is a very good way to go about it. But if you dilute it with unnecessary phrases and statements, it loses its quality. Omitting points that are not required shows that the candidate has an excellent insight.

The theme of teamwork

While writing about his work experience, the student can also talk about his teamwork skills. Here again, instead of scattering his skills across the statement, you can group the main points that highlight your teamwork spirit in a single paragraph. This will make your teamwork skills stronger. Teaming up the closely related skills will depict your teamwork skills. Make sure that everything you say about your work experience is not just a narration of events. It should in a way talk about your skills


Every point should highlight the author’s curiosity in a certain way. Write only about things that you remember and are well versed with. Whatever you write in your medicine personal interview can very easily be brought up in the form of your medicine interview questions. Hence know what you are writing about and write about what you really know.

Sum up

Thousands of students fill and submit their medicine personal statements. It is thus important that your statement stands out from everybody else’s statement. Every statement once selected, is scrutinized during the interview in the form of medicine interview questions. Hence make sure to be well aware of the details that you have mentioned in the statement.