7 Awesome Tips For A Restful Beauty Sleep

Sleep is essential to healthy skin and body. Getting proper sleep rejuvenates your cells and increases blood flow to your skin, and as such, it is one of the best beauty tips every woman should follow.

Have you ever wondered why missing out on sleep causes your skin to develop acne and redness? It’s because poor sleep quality increases the secretion of cortisol, an important stress hormone that is produced inside the body. However, there are also other factors that lead to beauty problems such as your bedtime routine, food intake, and more.

Whether you live a busy lifestyle or not, you deserve a fresh-looking skin in the morning. To help you achieve a glowing appearance as the day starts, we’ve prepared seven simple yet powerful beauty sleep tips.

Drink water before bedtime

At least 60 minutes before going to bed, drink a glass of water. Avoid tea or caffeinated beverages—just water. Unless a full bladder annoys you in the middle of the night, this extra hydration supplies you with a ton of beauty benefits.

Remember that you lose water throughout the day through sweatingandbreathing. That glass of water hydrates your skin while you sleep. Water also acts as a natural cleanser, clearing up your body of unwanted toxins. Trust us, your skin will thank you the next day.

Commit toa nighttime skincare routine

Sleeping your way to a more beautiful you won’t be possible without a skincare routine. If you can commit to a morning regimen, why not spend some extra minutes to care for your complexion at night? Pampering your skin after a tiring day at work speeds up its recovery, and there are many products that can help you do this

Face serums, for instance, work wonders. They contain potent ingredients that penetrate into your skin to ensure that it stays firm and moisturized. Among the many face serums you can try, a good choice would be theMisshaTime Revolution First Treatment Essence. This serum has brightening, soothing, and anti-aging benefits for the skin.

Avoid sleeping with your face on your pillow 

You may not realize it, but your sleeping position also takes a toll on your physical appearance. Whether you’re sleeping on your stomach or side, either way, your face comes in contact with your pillow. Unfortunately, theskin creases that pillows create can, over the long term, lead to the formation of wrinkles and visible forehead lines. Dirt and grime from unsanitary pillows, on the other hand, can also clog your pores and lead tobreakouts.

As much as possible, switch up your sleeping position throughout the night to prevent any part of your face from coming into contact with pillows for prolonged periods of time. Also try sleepingon your backso that your face does not touch the pillow to begin with. If you are uncomfortable in this position, get a soft and smooth pillowcase instead. It will help keep friction against your face to a minimum. You can also use pillowcases with antibacterial and anti-acne properties.

Stay away from sugar and dairy

Your skin reflects what you eat. Improving your food intake by making the right choices is a simple yet overlooked beauty tip. Before you sleep, you must steer clear of anything that spikes your blood sugar levels and affects your sleep quality. Such foods include sweet pastries, candies, soda, and some dairy products.

Elevated sugar levels can cause inflammation and sleep arousal episodes, while some dairy products contain hormones that can stimulate the activity of oil glands in your skin. Instead of going for that after-dinner sweets packed with sugar, choose fruits like berries instead. These are much better options thatalso help combat inflammation.

Keep your room temperature low

Do you also ever take into considerationthe temperature at which you fall asleep? Most women don’t know that the room temperature can affect their looks. What happens during the night is that your body temperature tends to drop. This is the body’s natural means of cooling down. By assisting your body in reaching this optimal temperature faster, you’ll feel more comfortable and enjoy a more restorative sleep.

A low bedroom temperature also minimizes skin inflammation and keeps it toned. What’s the ideal temperature for a restful sleep?The National Sleep Foundationrecommends a bedroom temperature of 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wear a silk eye mask

How does an eye mask help you sleep better? Eye masks are inexpensive sleeping accessoriesthat block out light. When your body senses complete darkness, it secretes melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep. These are effective especially for people who are light sleepers.

Consider getting an eye mask that doesn’t irritate the skin. The reason why you would want to choose silk material for an eye mask is that silk is easy on theskin. Women with sensitive skin tolerate silk better as it is hypoallergenic and preserves moisture on the skin. It’s no wonder why a majority of people prefer silk when it comes to night gowns.

Keep your hair off your face

It’s best to keep your hair up rather than down when you’re in bed. It doesn’t matter how you do it; you can put your hair in a bun, braid it, or secure it with bobby pins. As long as it stays away from your face, you decrease your chances of skin irritation.