Simple Alternatives To Cheap Glass Pipes

If you’ve already bought yourself more than a few cheap glass pipes, due to them breaking for whatever reason (perhaps a chronic case of stoned clumsiness?), it might be time to stop throwing money down the well. Some people out there could surely be a bit more careful with their fragile possessions, but some are simply unlucky. You might be as careful as you can possibly be, and do everything in your power to keep your pipe safe from accidents while travelling or using it, and still suffer some tragic losses at the hands of reckless buddies. If you’re reminded of yourself when reading these words, here’s a few solutions to your dilemma.

If you’re determined to continue smoking out of pipes, maybe you could consider buying a metal pipe next time your glass one breaks. If you’re really into the flavor of your bud then this option is your best one to maintain the same flavor you’ve grown fond of over your years of toking. Obviously, a metal pipe will be infinitely more likely to survive falls to the ground, even from large heights. Plus there are some really cool and stealthy metal pipe designs out there that just aren’t possible with glass. For example, a lot of smoke shop websites offer variations of a foldable magnetic metal pipe that’s quick and easy to use, super portable, and most of all stealthy as hell.

Next up is the natural, organic route. This is mostly for people who rarely use their pipe, but if you’ve already thrown money down the sink on multiple cheap glass pipes, and you hardly even ever used them, that’s all the more reason to ponder this one. Tons of fruits and vegetables can be made into pipes, and the best part is fruits will even give a super sweet flavor to your smoke if you’re into that. The most commonly used foods for this are hands down bananas and apples, but it can really be done with just about anything if you really put your mind to it. So instead of picking yourself up new cheap glass pipes every couple months, maybe you can just use an apple whenever you get that craving for a bowl on the weekend, and then have a snack right after too.